Sunday, August 8, 2010


Empowerment Commentary By
Jarrett L. Perdue Sr.

Two imperative commodities we should have in our Health Index is Information and Knowledge. Understanding our personal health is so significant for daily living. We should never take our health for granted. With information and knowledge we become empowered about our personal health so we can keep abreast of the things going on in our bodies. We can also help others about health by staying on top of our own health.
When we have information and knowledge about our own health, we are able to make informed decisions about what we need to do to stay healthy.
Information and knowledge will help us understand the process we need to take to stay in good health. Since our bodies are subjected to sickness, illness and disease, we should know how to work on preventative care. We cannot be certain what type of things will assail our bodies at any given time. This is why we must be educated about our health by continuing to receive information and knowledge.
From a physiological and anatomical standpoint we all have the same body parts. Then, we have different areas in our bodies which react differently. This is due to culture, background, genetics, and how we grew up. Our metabolism, digestive system, and reaction to different foods and medicines are going to be different.

Everyone has different tastes in food. Some choose to be a vegetarian and a vegan. Some choose to eat edible marine food, better knows as seafood. Other choose to eat meat or meat alternatives which provides protein for the body.

When we talk about diets, usually the first thing that comes to mind is losing weight. Although one can lose weight by going on a diet, it has other meanings. The word diet is really about nutrition. It is about the amount of food we consume and proper taking in or ingestion. When you hear the term “ Diet”, it is really referring to enhancing and advancing our health, by the proper consumption of nutrients from the different food groups, and the intake of water, vitamins, supplements, and herbs. Each person has to know what is going to work for them to live a healthy lifestyle. When we talk about cooking and recipes, we should know what types of food are best for us. Culturally, it will be different.

The medical profession is one of the greatest gifts to the world. This is why everyone that is able, should take advantage of going to the doctor for regular checkups, taking the proper tests and medications recommend by your family doctors. You are empowering yourself when you do that because you are receiving information about your own personal health based off your medical history and background. You are proactive about your health. You are taking charge of your own daily living.
Exercise is empowerment. When you have information and knowledge about exercise and the wonderful benefits it will produce, you are in preparation for living a healthy life. Each individual may determine what exercise program is best for them.
Proper rest is empowerment. It is one of the main areas that will bring balance to our health. It gives us tranquility and refreshes our body and mind. Most of us have heard the term, “Get A Good Night's Sleep.” Professional Health Studies show that when we have the proper rest, it helps our immune system, our concentration and our mood. Take the time to get proper rest to stay in good health.
Let information and knowledge about your health be a priority to you so that you will be empowered about living a productive life. Everyone should work together with family and friends by sharing information about our health and take the proper action so that we can all maintain fruitful and enjoyable lives.
Jarrett L. Perdue Sr.